take the problem out of gambling


If your gambling is causing issues in your life, you can take steps to change this.

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Responsible gambling means knowing the odds and understanding how gambling works.

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Resources to help professionals identify problem gambling clients and respond to their needs.

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Take control of your gambling. Take the 100 day challenge.

"After reading these posts I feel less alone. Thank-you all for posting :) It has been about 5 months since my last bet. It does get easier but I still get urges to gamble, especially when I am stressed or bored. I have started walking and swimming ... read more"

Dan, February 27 2011

"I have been reading everyones comments and can say that I can relate to a majority. When I first met my partner he would occasionally play the pokies now we are constantly arguing over finances. I get frustrated. It's hard to be supportive... read more"

Anonymous, May 30 2011

"I want to vouch for the above list of rules. My gambling problem was starting to get in the way of my work, relationships, and self esteem. I took these rules plus a few of my own and promised my wife to stick by them. They have worked. read more"

Dave, January 05 2010