Stories of gambling

Acknowledging you have a gambling problem can be a really important first step in your journey to recovery. Writing about your problem can help you to think it through. It may also help others who read your story and recognise themselves in it to feel less alone.


my story is no different . i want to change , i know this is going to be tough , i know that failure is definately a chance. i know i dont want to feel this way any more .


My gambling started when I was young and quickly escalated into problem gambling.  I have sold and pawned stuff over the years, lost an incredible amount of money over 20 years then I gave


20 years of gambling and a wasted life. 


Does Misery love company?  Sometimes ... I am sitting here reading others stories to try and relate/understand my devastating addiction to slots. 


Relatively new to gambling went in to just have fun and spend a liitle ended up spending everything.


Ok, this will be a bit of a long story though with a happy ending.


Where do I start? Well I have done a few jobs in my life time and now I am a self employed minicab driver. Being self employed means there are costs involved in being in my job.


Worst day when i started playing fun poker with friends at home..we started with $20 tournament at my house...I would spend hours learning about poker more and more again started watching poker


My problem started with online pokies , ive lost about $70,000 in the past 3 years . The problem with online gambling is that you dont even have to leave your house to loose thousands .


I never thought I would be writing to admit I have a problem but I believe I do.

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Sharing your experiences of gambling can help you, and help others.

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