Help For Gamblers

For immediate help call 1800 858 858 FREECALL now. There will be someone to answer your call. Or, visit Gambling Help Online at for live counselling, email support and self-help tools.

Anybody affected by gambling (your own gambling or someone else's), can call the Helpline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service can give you the contact details for the nearest Gambler's Help or another service away from where you live if you would prefer this. Calls to the Helpline are free.

Gambler's Help is a free service for people who are affected by gambling. The services provided by Gambler's Help include:

  • Free, professional, confidential counselling for people for whom gambling is an issue
  • Counselling for the family and friends of people for whom gambling is an issue
  • Financial counselling to help people with gambling-related money problems
  • Community education and helping communities reduce the negative effects of gambling

There are Gambler's Help available throughout Victoria. Professional help can make a real difference.

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Counsellors and support for gamblers

FREECALL 24 hours, 7 days a week 1800 858 858, or go to for advice, support and help.

Calls to the Gambler's Helpline, and using online counselling are free. You can call or logon for help and support.

For the hearing impaired FREECALL 1800 777 706.

Your stories

We can change!

Desperation, guilt, shame and that horrible 'sinking' feeling (all that are reading this- will know what feeling I am referring to!)....These are all the things that I think of, whe

Counsellor Michelle

My name is Michelle, I'm a psychologist and I work for Gambler's Help. I'm been working with Problem Gambling for four and a half years.

Daniel Ward

Former AFL footballer Daniel Ward talks about his own experience of overcoming problem gambling in an interview with AFL Live on 24 June 2012.


Hi, I'll start from the beginning. I started gambling a few months after I turned 18, I'm 26 now. When I first started i was only doing 10 line bets on 1 credit.

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