How can you tell?

How can you tell when your gambling is an issue?

Do you or someone you know do any of these?

  • Gamble to avoid dealing with problems or disappointments
  • Skip work or study to gamble
  • Spend more time gambling than with family and friends
  • Think about gambling every day
  • Gamble to win money, not just for fun
  • Gamble to win back money lost by gambling
  • Feel depressed because of gambling
  • Lie or keep secrets about gambling
  • Borrow money to gamble
  • Argue with family and friends about gambling
  • Gamble for longer periods of time than originally planned
  • Gamble until every dollar is gone
  • Lose sleep due to thinking about gambling
  • Don't pay bills and use the money for gambling instead
  • Try to stop gambling, but can't.
  • Become moody when trying to stop or cut down on gambling
  • Try to increase the excitement of gambling by placing bigger bets
  • Break the law to get money to gamble

Any one of these things might be a sign that you have an issue with gambling. Even if you're just a bit worried about your gambling or someone else's, it's a good idea to get help sooner rather than later.

For free, confidential, professional help contact Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858, or visit

Your stories


I am 28 and My gambling has slowly been getting worse over the last 8 years. I remember that first big win that got me hooked. That was an expensive win.


Hi there, I stumbled along to find myself on this website. I wasn't looking I was playing online free pokies, and then found my way to this site.


Hey Guys,
I am a 24yo female I have a great job and a great family who love me.. Like everyone here I have a problem with the pokies..

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