"I had a gambling problem..." TV spot

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I had a gambling problem. It was my Dad. It made me upset. And Mum pretty angry. One day he rang somebody and asked for help. And... they did help. Which made Dad happy. And that made us happy too.


Two-thirds of people that use our services end up gambling a lot less.  For expert help, call 1800 858 858 anytime. And take the problem out of gambling.
Authorised by the Victorian Government, Melbourne.

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Your aim is really fantastic and I appreciate it very greatly because it will create a new hope for nation thanks for sharing....

Thank you for your video, i like this

These people are really a fantastic organization. I went there for help about two years ago, and they completely changed my life. I owe my life and my family to them. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service.

Janet B

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